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Feature Request - Add a "Diffchecker" feature to compare Duplicates



Hello, could there be a feature that would allow users to select two or more notes to compare the differences between the notes? Although preventing duplicates may be hard, a feature that allows users to quickly resolve the differences between duplicates would greatly enhance the user's experience. An example of a difference check online is called "Diffchecker." Again, the feature would be a "Diffchecker" as an option when selecting two or more notes. The "Diffchecker" does not have to resolve the differences, though that would be nice, it just has to make it quicker for users to spot the differences so that they can make the necessary changes. Otherwise, users have to copy and paste their notes on third-party programs each time a duplicate comes up in order to quickly resolve the issue. 

Thank you for everything.

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Glad to see somebody has requested this feature. 

If there was a "Sync now" button or keyboard shortcut, I could avoid duplicate notes entirely. But failing that, Bob6745's suggestion of a way to compare two notes would be a valuable addition to Evernote.


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