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Suggestion: Bring back the horizontal Shortcuts on the Desktop app



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On 10/10/2022 at 10:45 PM, greeze said:

The old version of Evernote had the ability to display your shortcuts across the top of the app in a horizontal row. That made them quickly accessible without using much screen space.

Can that be brought back?

I agree with @PinkElephant that it is unlikely. I used to use the feature in legacy all the time and I certainly missed it initially, although I have now got used to it.

With tasks, notebooks and tags, when you click the entry in the sidebar you get a pop out window. There are also keyboard shortcuts which do the same thing. I would like shortcuts to also have a pop out window, accessible by clicking and keyboard shortcut. That way I could keep shortcuts closed in the sidebar and save space for tags and notebooks. This would give me much more control of how I use the limited sidebar space. It would also be consistent with the current design.

Another approach is to keep shortcuts in the sidebar closed and just rely on the shortcut widget in Home (Alt+Ctrl+1 to quickly access Home)


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