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Missing majority of notes past 2 weeks

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I use Evernote on my iPhone and Evernote web on my Mac books. Since 2 weeks all the notes on my evernote web disappeared. It seemed to be that Evernote wasnt available for a day and since then, all my notes were lost. The only way to get some of them back was to use the iphone app and make changes to notes. After that they synched back and appeared also in the web app. Anybody experiencing the same and ideas on how to fix? I am using the free version, so nobody from customer support is available to me.

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3 hours ago, SebastianS said:

all the notes on my evernote web disappeared.

Hi.  The usual reason for this sort of thing is you logging in with different details and inadvertently opening a new 'empty' account.  If your notes are syncing between your iPhone and your Mac you're already using two devices on your free account,  so should not be able to use the web version (which is also a 'device') as well.  You have a limited number of chances to swop devices around.  If you have been locked out of changes until the end of the month your only options are to wait,  or to subscribe.

Understanding the device limit

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