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Note history desktop/mobile sync



Firstly I need to apologise, I'm sure this has been asked numerous times in the past - but I've just performed a bit of a search through the forums and can't find a reference to this particular issue.. 


I just spent hours working on a document in Evernote on my desktop pc... I took a quick break, and must have unlocked my phone with the same note open and saved it! 


I came back to the desktop pc (which is always online) and pages of text have disappeared! I can only assume that what was showing on the pc now reflected the note as it had been saved on my phone. 


I'm currently just a basic user, but took note of the fact that if I subscribe I also get access to the note's history, so I'm hoping all isn't lost. Can anyone possibly confirm if the same note's history that existed as a basic user will accessible when upgrading to a personal account? It's not a problem I've encountered previously, and I don't really have need of any of the other "upgrade" perks - so I'd be tremendously disappointed to upgrade and find that the note history only exists from that point onwards =/

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Hi, and welcome to the forums. Yes, note history is maintained for all accounts, free and paid; paid subscribers just have access to the history that has been maintained. You can pay for a month to get access to the history, and then drop back to free.

An important question, though: Did the note on the desktop sync before you took your break? Assuming you're on v. 10, it should have synced automatically, and synced changes show up in the note history. (I don't think the history is taken for every sync, but at periodic points, so that it's possible that the very last edits, even if they synced, are not in the history.) If for some reason the note on the desktop didn't sync, however, there would be no history.

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