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Can Evernote be used on phone?

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Hi.  Evernote is a cloud-based  app that gives you access to your notes - which are stored on Evernote's servers - from any device that logs into your account.  So yes - if you create a note on your computer,  you'll be able to see and edit the same note on your smartphone.

There's a lot more information about Evernote here - Evernote Help & Learning

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7 minutes ago, Rose_dav said:

Can I manage one account from my computer and smartphone? 
For example, if I create a list of tasks for the day from my computer, and track and make changes from my smartphone. Is this possible?

Yes, that is exactly what Evernote is set up for. I often create a note on the computer that I can refer to on my Android phone. Or create or add to a note on my phone when an idea strikes me, then come back to it on my computer to expand it. Or take a photo of something on the phone, then edit it or add text on the computer. Etc.! Hope you'll find it a useful service, as I have.

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What the other guys said is true :) But please remember that if your phone is an older Android device that you will not be able to add the latest app version. You will still be able to see notes and note content but newer features such as Tasks and Calendars will not display on the older version apps.  This isn't an issue with iPhones. Just Android phones operating with Android 9 or older.

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Whilst it's good to encourage a user to experiment with Evernote,  there are a lot of very generic general comments here,  which tends to raise dark suspicions about bots and spammers.  Please note that any more "go for it" comments are likely to be deleted with extreme prejudice...

Edit:  -and without notice.

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On 10/24/2022 at 9:48 PM, PinkElephant said:

…. then just do it ! Just out of luck if you are still on a BlackBerry, you know, the status symbols of 10 years ago.


am i the only one who finds it sad that blackberry no longer makes phones? i loved having a physical keyboard on my phone :) i could type reasonably quickly without looking at the keyboard. nowadays there are of course so many phone keyboards with the ability to swipe over the letters for example, but physical keyboards were even better.

maybe not totally off-topic. blackberry is the reason i got into evernote. in 2019 i got an old blackberry os 10 device on ebay and one of the few apps on it that still worked well was the native evernote client. after that i got a blackberry key 2 which i used for about 2 years, but because its bootloader never got hacked i couldn't update the os to a more recent version of android (talking to all the CEOs of phone companies which are reading this post: please give me a way to unlock the bootloader! if your phone is any good, the community will port the latest AOSP to it and you won't have to do anything! There are android phones from 2010 which still get the latest version of AOSP ...).

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3 minutes ago, ehrt74 said:

am i the only one who finds it sad that blackberry no longer makes phones?

You're not the only one. I could type faster using the BB keyboard than the touch screen stuff.

Was using the Key2 until about 18 months ago but gave up for the same reason as you.... no more OS updates which is another bug bear of mine. The whole "we can't update it" is just to make you buy another phone and add more e-waste to the massive pile we've already created.

Still have by Bold 9000, a couple of Curves, the touch screen Blackberry Storm and a Key1.... look at all that e-waste lol.


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Some years ago I have been at a meeting of a manager organisation here in Germany. You know, the guys who 10 years before would have been the natural flock of the Blackberries sales force. We had the German head of Blackberry there, counting the Blackberry tale. It was when the company reinvented itself as a vendor of "hardened" Android devices, with special vaults for secretive apps nested into the OS, intrusion detection and the likes.

The presentation was accepted with interest, but the small talk after the official part was plain nostalgic. Back then, and had the first in my company, and the struggle with company IT before they embraced the Blackberries onsite setup, etc. I doubt any of the people attending the presentation walked out shouting "I need that hot stuff". And it came as it was to be expected, the repositioning failed, and the devices were dumped little later.

No, its over with BB, RIP.

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