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(Archived) Losing data and other probs/questions

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Hi there

I use evernote over the web as I can't install a client at work.

Unfortunately the portable client doesn't seem to work WITHOUT an internet/account connection. This connectiom goes through some port that our firewall surely won't let through ==> any info on this?

I am generally quite happy with Evernote, and wouldn't mind paying for the service either. There are a couple of things that behave a bit weirdly, and losing data is generally a no-no :))).

So can you tell me if there is any way I can avoid the problems below?

1) Losing data

Today I had just added a new note , written about 10 lines or so and all of a sudden there was a page reload and a message that Evernote was doing maintenace work. That didn't take long, a couple of minutes, which is perfectly fine with me: unfortunately all my changes in that note, the note included, were gone.

So my question: is it possible to add an automatically save every couple of minutes, maybe configurable by the user, or could you announce such "maintenance" windows or is there any way to prevent that from happening?

It is not very comfortable to have to save changes, reopen note, write two lines, save changes, reopen note ...you get my drift :)

2) Editing note and getting a change of notebook all time

I have a worksheet going, that is in the notebook "diary", now I am working on it and after a reload of the page (not induced by me, I may add), all of a sudden the note belongs to the first notebook in the list (not the default one either, just the first on the list).

This keeps happening again and again ... and yes, it is annoying :).

Could you let me know if there is anything I can do to prevent this or is it a bug?

The notebook sort is not alphabetical, are they sorted by creation date?

3) The evernote portable version does not work offline, everything is grayed out.

Is an initial connection necessary? any chance of importing the database locally or is this supposed to work only with a web connection?

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Thanks for the detailed report.

#1 - we hope to reduce our maintenance times later in the beta, but I think we could probably improve the behavior of the web UI to prevent this from happening when you are editing a note.

#2 - this is a bug ... I've reproduced this and filed a bug to be fixed.

#3 - will look into this one.


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