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Bring back access to system fonts



The classic Evernote allowed us to specify the default font used for body text in all notes.  As most of my notes are plain text, I use "Noto Sans Mono" because it is very easy for me to distinguish between characters such as 1il or o0O.  The default monospace font in the new Evernote is okay but not great, and there is no option to make it the default for every note.

This would have enormous benefit to all of us who work in plain-text, but also for those who want distraction-free editing, and for those who need Dyslexic fonts or low-vision font needs.

People who work in plain-text are very specific about their preferred monospace font.  There are websites dedicates to this topic.

My request is:

  • Create a systemwide setting for fonts.
  • Default can of course be the Evernote built-in fonts.  And fallback would go to these fonts if the specified system font is missing.
  • Users can select the default font type: monospace, serif, sans, slab, etc...
  • Users can assign their preferred system font for each of the font types.
  • Users can specify if the selection is for all notes on this computer only, or global to every installation of evernote on every computer the user logs into (okay, this is more of a stretch goal)





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One of the goals EN communicated when building the new clients was a greatly unified user experience, over all platforms.

Since fonts are licensed for specific operating systems, they can’t be freely installed on different platforms - at least not without a legal problem, that a company like EN will not provoke. The usual method would be to replace a font from one platform by a similar font installed on a different platform.

EN decided against it, since it can break things when the font is swapped. They decided to install their own fonts, and guarantee seamless platform switching for the users. From what I observe in the forum, most users have no problem with it. And this means from my experience that the chances for such a fundamental switch in the way the editor works are very dim.

You can contact EN by feedback or a support ticket.


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