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Switch a note from default Evernote format to text only or text only w/ markdown, and then back to default for viewing



I would love to be able to quicly change any note that i am presently editing to text-only or text-only w/markdown


  • For ease-of use, and speed. 
  • Half of my notes are plain text.   
  • The other half are formatted with the complexity of basic markdown (like github flavored markdown https://github.github.com/gfm/ )
  • I view all of my notes in monospace fonts only, with "noto sans mono" being my favorite for legibility.

I would love to be able to quicly change any note that i am presently editing to switch:


  • Evernote default (which I think is HTML)

TO (either - need to make a choice at the time of switching)

  • Plain-text
  • Plain-text with Markdown

And then switch back to HTML to view the formatted markdown, and any inline images or attachments.

I would only need this feature to be added to the non-mobile versions of evernote: Linux, MacOS, Windows.  I would not need this feature on Android or iOS (but I can see how some tablet users with a keyboard would want this feature.  Okay I convinced myself that this feature should be present on all versions of Evernote.

STRETCH GOAL: You could make Evernote even extra awesome by allowing editor plug-in's, the way that standard notes works, where we could also add in a VIM editor, etc.



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