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Hide task until due



When setting a due date for a task, it would be nice to have an option for "hide task until due." That way a task with that option selected won't clutter up the task list when I don't need to see it. Some tasks I want to see before they are due, because I might need to be working on them several days prior. Other, smaller tasks that are specific to a particular day, I don't want to see those until the day they are due. 

I know I could use a calendar for tasks that I only want to see on a particular day, but then I have tasks in two locations. I'd rather just have them all in one.

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16 hours ago, agsteele said:

The task list in Evernote can be displayed in date order so choose that and anything in the future will be off the bottom of the list.

Yes, I see that. The issue is I don't want to go look for the few tasks I want to see among the buffet of tasks that have no relevance for this particular day. Let's say I have four things down for each day of the month that I only want to see on those days. Things I want to make sure I get done each of those days, but I don't want to see them unless they are due. That would be 120 tasks in my list. But on any given day, there may only be four out of those 120 that are relevant. Then I might also have 20-30 tasks that aren't part of that group that I can do on any day. Now I'm up to 140-150 tasks in my list, most of which aren't relevant for today. That's what I'm trying to fix. 

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