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Workchat notification absent




I am using evernote for a shared project, which implied the use of work chat. However, the app does not alert me that new messages are in; The only wa for me is to go constantly there and check for new messages, which is not the best when you are trying to work. Do you knwo whether this is a common issue, and how to fix it?

Thank you


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You should tell which devices / clients you are talking about.

Just gave it a try between iPhone and iPad, with 2 accounts. First WorkChat for the next generation clients must be enabled in account settings, Personal settings. Then to get notifications the EN app needs to be running, can be in the background. And in iOS notifications settings notifications must be allowed for the EN app.

If all this is set up, a notification will show when a new work chat message is received. 2 Messages, 2 notifications. The notification only tells Theresias a new chat message, not the content. When the app is closed, I did not receive a notification.

Edit: If enabled I even get an email notification as well.



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