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How to identify which .enspot file corresponds to which note?

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Hey there,

A bit of a mystery here.  I'm not a heavy or sophisticated Evernote user. I apparently deleted a lot of content from one of my notes back in August--the note itself says it was modified on August 2, 2022. I do have backups both before and after that date.  The mystery is that there is no .enspot file in my backups from later in August or September that has been modified at any time in 2022 (I have not been using Evernote much of late).  The directory I'm looking at in my backups is '/Users/{username}/Library/CoreData/com.evernote.Evernote/{serial #?}/ENNote/_records/pXX.enspot'.  I'd still like to try to restore the file in question, so was wondering if it's possible to see what the .enspot file name is for a given note?  There's nothing in the note metadata in the 'Note>View Note Info...' dropdown menu.

Thanks in advance.

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