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Evernote Android (Sept 18, 2022 app release date): how to insert multiple photos in order selected or in order by date/time (vs. current random order)

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+ Photos | select photos (what I'd expect would be to insert them in the order selected, or secondarily to insert the oldest pictures at the top (by date/time taken) or ideally to give you an option of what order --> by date ascending (default) or descending or filename ascending/descending, etc. 

If you take a photo and insert it no problem. I use evernote for notes and take pictures of what's being presented. If occasional changes in visuals I have time to take photo and insert into the note. But at times content comes so fast I shoot pictures until there's a pausing point without additional content (while the person is speaking). Then inserting those multiple photos -- what I'd like to do is insert them in the order taken, but often they end up either in RANDOM order or REVERSED order or a combination thereof.

Seems like a default setting in the Android (and all platform settings) would be very helpful vs. whatever is creating the random order.

As an example, here's a link to a note I took t:hat starts at 1:30 and counts down by seconds to 0:00   I shot pictures every few seconds.  

2. Then on Android I inserted the photos from google photos (my phone automatically pushes photos -- IN ORDER TAKEN to google photos.  I inserted them in order from first taken 1:30 down to latest taken 0:00.  

3. See the results at this link:  https://www.evernote.com/shard/s208/sh/70bf3713-4ebf-327a-35e1-d81e794151d0/1196347b34ddddcaa00b06a2f4908872

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Hi.  Seems to me that there are a lot of random variables here - what if there are already images in a note? What if you actually want a picture inserted in the series? What if you take pictures in the wrong order?  Rather than build a foolproof option system it's easier to leave the user to move the images around.  Plus it avoids having more choices to make before you take a picture.

There are various work-arounds - you could take pictures to your camera roll and then add them to one or more notes.  Haven't tried this,  so I don't know if selection order works,  but worst case you could add images to separate notes then merge the notes...

Anyhoo - this is a new feature you're asking for,  therefor your request needs to be in a votable thread - would you like me to move it?

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