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(Archived) PDF Missing Plug-in?



I recently started seeing notes that have PDF content displaying "MIssing Plug-in" in place of the PDF itself.

I know this is probably not actually something "broken" in Evernote, but rather a bad update from Apple/Adobe, but wanted to see if anyone had a fix for it anyway?

Attached is what it looks like in a typical note with this issue:


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I'd start with a full reboot. If that doesn't work, I'd try browsing from Safari to a PDF file and see whether you can load PDFs in Safari on that computer. E.g. search for this in Google in Safari:

type:pdf tax

And then click on one of the [PDF] files there to try to open it in the browser.

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I made those changes to Java, didn't seem to change anything. However, looking back through older notes, I see that some PDF files are showing up, and if I create a new note from a PDF it's working. So, I'm thinking at this point that there was something wrong when I created the PDFs and put them into Notes (which can't be fixed because it is an error with PDF itself), but all seems to be working well going forward.


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Nope, the import gave me back the same "broken" note as before - there was an error message when I imported it [see photo attached] - given the size [bytes!] it clearly doesn't have the PDF content in there anywhere, which means it was "bad" from the point of being created, I think.


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I'm working with a MacBook, when I log into evernote I can see attached docs, when I access it through Safari or Firefox I see a message, "Plug in Missing." I tried to reset Java to default as previously recommended but had no luck. Can you provide some help?

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