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Falha na Sincronização

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Desculpe não sabia que precisam dessas informações 

  • dispositivo: Celular android Samsung A9 e Computador (já tentei sincronizar em 3 computadores diferes e nada de sincronizar) 
  • Cliente: amandaalvim_adv
  • E-mail: amandaalvim.adv@gmail.com 
  • Rede: Já tentei em todas as redes que imaginar para tentar sincronizar e não sincroniza de jeito nenhum.  


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What I understand:

You want to synchronize between computers and your Android phone.

EN always synchronizes through its own cloud server. It never syncs directly from one device to another.

Is EN already installed and working on the computers ? And you want to make it work on the phone ?

Or is it running on the phone, and you want to make it work on the computers.

Where does the message „Falha na sync…“ appear ? On the phone , on the PC ?

On what sort of account are you ? On „Free“ or on a subscription ?

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