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Unable to Apply Custom Templates via "...Open Gallery" Option

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Today I went to apply one of my custom templates to a new note but the "...Open Gallery" button was gone!

Here's a screenshot of what I see under Suggested Templates (notice there's no "... Open Gallery" option). 



I thought this was strange so I checked under the "Add More" button thinking Evernote changed something. But that button only reveals "recommended" templates:


How do I find and apply my custom templates? 

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  • dlh2109 changed the title to Unable to Apply Custom Templates via "...Open Gallery" Option

Thanks, @agsteele

Appreciate the quick response. Unfortunately, the suggested work around didn't work. I have not seen this issue before but I depend a lot on custom templates. Just checked that my Evernote client is up-to-date (it is). I may need to file a support ticket.    

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  • Evernote Expert

You can try a complete uninstall. On Windows user a program likes Revo Uninstaller or Auto Uninstall on Mac. These will clear out all the hidden broken settings files. A regular uninstall leaves remnants which can keep the problem.

If uninstall/reinstall doesn't work then a ticket will be your next option.

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I'm having the same issue. I can neither apply a custom template nor save a note as a template. I am running 10.44.8 for the Mac. I'm on a new MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2021 with a Apple M1 Max chip) running Mac OS Monterey version 12.6. I have been using this Mac for a less than a month so Evernote is freshly installed. I have a Professional account.

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Sometimes adding a header to the note helped (type some text into the note, and apply the header text style to it). After adding the header, the text needs to be erased to show the template boxes again. 

In other cases it was logging out of the client, restarting the Mac and entering into the account again what helped.

Third option is to contact support.

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@Lance I had the same issue. Honestly, it amazes me that something like this could get past quality assurance. 

Anyway, the "add a header" to the note trick didn't work for me. I had to logout of the client, restart my computer, and log back in. Those steps did the trick. 

Good luck!




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Has nothing to do with QA.

Restarting a client or computer simply sets everything back and allows a fresh, untampered setup. You can't blame the problems of an individual computer (mostly old stuff stuck in memory, blocking other apps to properly work) on an app.

It would only be an issue of the app if it repeats itself. This here seems to be a one timer.

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