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Evernote app for Mac

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Usually the app remembers where and how you have used the EN app hen you closed it down the last time, and opens there again. With 10.45 there is a new setting now to open in Home or where you left last time.

No further setting for how it opens, AFAIK.

If it does not behave as expected, you can try a full uninstall, using the app AppCleaner. When all options are checked, it should remove any bad settings file together with the app. Then install fresh, from the EN website, not the AppStore.

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@Northwesternalum That's very odd. I've been running v10 since the beginning on Mac and I've never had it open in full screen on me and I didn't do anything to make it work that way. I've seen what @PinkElephant says to be true -- that it will open for me in the same location and position where it was when I closed it (including full screen, which I tried just now if I last had it that way).

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It is an interesting question and one that I have not thought of.  Because I have many notebooks (1 for each project) I have not really focused on where it opens up.  I tend to work across a number of notes and a number of notebooks and also a number of views.  I always find my goto location is back home and if I am reopening Evernote for starting the day, I always click the home button irrespective if it is my iPad or MacBook or Mac,  I will see what happens with each of my devices an report back


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