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Evernote Teams Account Deactivated; Cannot Reactivate

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Hi! My team at work relies heavily on Evernote, and this morning we were kicked out and found ourselves unable to log back in. The message we received when we tried to log in was that our accounts were deactivated and that we should reach out to our account admin. However, our team's account admins cannot log in either. 

Neither of the account admins received messages regarding a deactivation, and no one requested a deactivation. There is no link available for us to reactivate, so there don't seem to be next steps to remedy the situation. None of us can utilize the help functions available as users or post to this forum using our accounts (I had to make a separate one just to post this here). 

Any help or guidance as to how we can reactivate our accounts/log back in would be greatly appreciated! 

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Hi.  Even if the monthly or annual payment fell through for some reason and the business account was downgraded,  you should still be able to log in to a Free personal account.  You should be able to contact Support via https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new - use 'continue as guest' if necessary,  and query type "Account".

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