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I have recently discovered the web clipper function which shows my EN content when I am googling - and I love it! However, I am note sure how it chooses the information from EN. For instance, I have a note that has the text: "EN10327 och EN 10215". When I am searching on Google for "10215" this note should appear as a result imo. But it doesn't. Someone knows why?


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Hi.  In general that feature seems to be useful as an indication that you may have clipped the same,  or some related material before,  but it is not the same as a full search.  Did you check to see whether a normal search will pull up the missing item?

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It probably depends on the magic „relevance“ of EN search. Since I don’t use Google as my search engine (no need to feed that monster with my personal interests), I have no problem with that function.

If you want an answer, collect some examples of „obvious but not found“, and contact support.

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