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Link "Popup-on-Hover Boxes" to Note body text



I would love to see a feature that allows users to add customizable "popup-on-hover boxes" to selected body text within a note.


Intended Use-Case(s):

  • Add popup comments to text within notes
  • Add popup excerpts of articles with their hyperlinked references to text within notes
  • Add popup images/videos/audio to text within notes
  • Add popup code blocks to text within notes


A very simple example:

The following example showcases popup on click from W3Schools as a reference: https://www.w3schools.com/howto/tryit.asp?filename=tryhow_js_popup


How a user may use the feature (similar to process for adding hyperlink):

  • User selects Body Text to add a popup box to.
  • From Insert menu item, or Right-click context menu, user clicks Add Popup Box.
  • The Add Popup Box window appears > user adds Text, Media and/or Code in relevant field > user selects Toggle Option for Popup On-click or On-Hover.
  • User clicks Apply.


How the feature will appear and function:

  • Popup Box-Linked text may be identified by color-code as hyperlinks are identified with green color.
  • Linked text will cause the popup box to appear as an overlay over note content.
  • Popup box will auto-hide when focus leaves the linked text or the popup box itself.
  • Popup box will auto-play media (videos/audio)


Other suggestions for the "Popup-on-Hover Boxes" Feature:

  • Full Text Formatting (Font size, color, style, alignment, etc.)
  • Add Hyperlinks
  • Allow user to choose popup pre-defined templates for best consumption of content (E.g.: Comment, Excerpt, Media or Webpage)
  • Notes that are exported as web-page keep pop-up box functionality for linked text.


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