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Keep personal notes off work devices

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Like many professionals my work provides me hardware and I am very diligent to keep my work and personal data separate.  However I do leverage Evernote to keep track of work Tasks and Notes, currently under a separate account (Free Plan).  What I'm wondering is if anyone knows of a way to use my personal Evernote account (Paid Subscription) but not sync or not grant access to my personal notes from a work device.  Honestly trying to avoid the need for two subscriptions.



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Hi.  It's not possible to secure only part of your account - and believe me there's no such thing as 'secure' if we're talking about data stored on a work computer.  If a free account doesn't have enough resources,  could you share a notebook from your personal account to the free work one?  If you have a free account - check the cost of an upgrade.  Evernote were throwing around 25% discounts (for the first year only) recently...

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@Wan Beeler Just use the web client instead of the installed one. To be sure nothing is cached, you can open EN in a private browser window. It will not save anything after the window was closed.

Hint 1: Be prepared for longer loading times, because everything needs to be loaded from the EN server.

Hint 2: Some companies forbid the use of cloud services, and maybe even block access in the firewall.

Hint 3: Even when data transfer is encrypted, in a setup where somebody else is in control there is no protection against everything transmitted is logged and read. If you want to know how, google for „man in the middle attack“.

The only really private way is to use EN on a personal device through a public / mobile network.

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