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How to keep FONT LARGE all the time.

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No setting. The simplest way is to create a blank note in which you amend the font size. Allow it to save. The create a shortcut for this note. When you are starting a new note, right click on the shortcut and choose Duplicate. A new note will open with the font size you previously selected.

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If we are talking about keyboard shortcuts, the advise above is not how to set them. They are for notes/notebook/saved search shortcuts.

AFAIK you can't change the keyboard shortcuts in the EN iOS app.

The only way to set a large font is to modify the standard text style. This must be done in every note, and will then stick for this note. Or you create a new note from a note that is already modified, then it will stick for this duplicated note as well.

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Well now there’s the rub
i know how to do that  used the app for a long long time  

I don’t wanna have to keep changing it every single time I start a new note. I want to set up the system so that I have the same large text every time. A pain I tell ya !! 

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