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Skitch 2.9: Save / Export as Skitch PNG generates a .png with jpeg format

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I'm using Skitch 2.9 macOS monterey and when I export as Skitch PNG   I actually get a .png file with JPEG format inside



I used imagemagick to check 

identify -verbose ~/Downloads/Evernote_Help___Learning.png

  Filename: /Users/rubelagu/Downloads/Evernote_Help___Learning.png
  Format: JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format)

If I select just PNG it will do the right thing , but if I select Skitch PNG it actually generates a JPEG. Is there any good place to report that kind of bugs? 

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The place to report bugs is EN support. You need to be on a subscription to contact them.

I can confirm that the export format "Skitch PNG" creates a file with the prefix PNG, but in fact is a JPEG format. All other export formats seem to do what they declare to do.

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On 2022-09-21 I reported this problem (ticket #3569217) and they could reproduce it on Skitch 2.9. 

In the tickets they answered 



Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I am able to reproduce this problem exactly as you described it and I reported it to our engineering team for resolution. The engineering team will investigate the issue to implement a fix in a future update. 

Well, it's almost 6 months from that statement and Skitch 2.9 is still the latest version release (it was released 2 years ago) which tells me that maybe there is not going to be a new release ever. 

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