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My Note Titles keep reverting back to "Untitled"

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I think I found the REASON for the sporadic disappearances of my titles from the "Note info" section of my documents:  

I'm using two different versions of Evernote on two different devices -- my smartphone and my desktop computer.  The smartphone is using version 8.13.3 of Evernote (and apparently cannot be upgraded since that phone is using Android 9 and will not upgrade to a higher Android version).  My desktop computer is using version 10.44.8 of Evernote, and Windows.   

I am editing my same note files on both of the machines at different times.  The 8.13.3 version of Evernote on the phone doesn't even show "Title" field in any of the Notes inner statistics (whereas version 10.44.8 on the Windows computer does show the Title field of the notes).

I don't know if this lack of Title field on the phone is caused by the older version of Android or Evernote.  I'd like to think that if I upgraded the Android to higher than 9.x it would solve the problem.  But that would require buying a newer phone.


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