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Implemetation of colapsible collapsible lists



Hi, this is actually a cry out for some feedback from Evernote.

The request for collapsible toggle lists goes back up to 10 years ago (2011). And there are absolutely no feedback if this request is completely discarded or any kinda of short (or even long) term view about a possible implementation

Just would like reassure that for me (and many other) this would definetily be a step up in the usability both in personal and professional environments. So a simple feedback about it would really really appreciated 

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On 9/12/2022 at 11:08 PM, Maths said:

So a simple feedback about it would really really appreciated 

In 10 years or so Evernote has only once or twice commented in the forums on any topic,  on the sensible basis that they have long term plans that they don't want to share with their competition.  Evernote doesn't have collapsible lists at the moment,  and its unlikely to have them in the next few months (they don't appear on any 'coming soon' lists) so if you absolutely need the feature,  go find it somewhere else. 

Personally I use Evernote + Workflowy which does infinite lists just fine,  and I can link from there to Evernote and back again or copy paste my list into Evernote.

If Evernote does add collapsing lists I can move my content across,  as others have done with Tasks more recently.  Until then Evernote almost certainly isn't in the business of making predictions.

(Trying to help you out here,  because last time I said that they actuall published something - so you never know...) 

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On 9/23/2022 at 1:33 AM, bbrito said:

Evernote will never implement toggle lists.

Not sure if that's inside information, criticism or an attempt at reverse psychology;  but unless you work for the company you cannot know that to be true.  And if a toggle list is really important to you,  you need a different application.

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@Maths - I think some feedback would be nice -- some kind of roadmap -- but I don't think I generally see that for any software that I use and so I personally don't expect any from Evernote.

When new features come, sometimes I'm excited and able to utilize them and other times I'm like "meh - I don't need that."

I currently use Evernote as my daily-driver precisely for the feature-set that it currently has. Sure, I wish it would have this or that, but overall it is currently better for my use-case than a dozen or so other apps that I tried out a year or so ago. I definitely don't think it's a good idea to jump from app to app every month, but I agree with @gazumped in that if toggle list is so important that it trumps all (or most) other features, one should use a different application that supports that.

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