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exporting pdfs cuts off last line on every page...how can I fix this?

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From my mac Evernote app when I choose the export to pdf option from the file drop down everything looks great. However, in the process of exporting, the last line on each page is getting cut off. Is there a way to fix this? 

If I "save as pdf" from the Print option I don't have this problem but then the formatting is not the way I like it. 

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Printing (which includes saving as a PDF) is, in my opinion, the one area which does not work correctly and for which I revert to Legacy. That is my only work around. I've not tried printing from the web browser version. That might work too albeit because it would be a browser function I think .

EDIT: I took a moment to try printing from the web browser version but it continues to exhibit problems with printing across margins at the page breaks. You can also export to HTML and print from a browser window after export.  That usually works well.

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