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Every day I get the notification that a new version is available to download and install and it NEVER installs.

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Help!  I love the Evernote, but this notification appears every time I use it: "A new version of Evernot is avilalbe. Would you like to download and intall it now?"  It is driving me nuts because it NEVER downloads and installs.  It is incredibly annoying and such a waste of my time.  It doesn't download and I hav to close and restart Evernote to be able to use it.  I'm using a MacBook Pro.  I've now been selecting "Not now."  Please help!!!  I really want to keep using Evernote, but this is a glitch that is definitely making me want to find another solution.


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4 minutes ago, Boot17 said:

You might have some kind of OS level permission thing preventing it from doing an in-place update.

That’s what we try to find out. But with MacOS things differ from AppStore version to free install. So first things first.

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Am running a new MacBook Pro, and I install updates successfully each time from the 'in app' prompt.  Never had to use .dmg or the App Store.  Is your OS current?  Apple seems to tie version updates to the iOS version on phone and iPad, perhaps something similar on the MacBook?

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