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In keeping with EN's philosophy of "Remember everything, ..." I'm considering adding a substantial amount of personal information (not passwords—I have a dedicated app for that) into Evernote.

Before I do so, however, I'm concerned about the level of security I can expect for this data. Any input would be appreciated before I go handing out the keys to my kingdom (meager though it may be! 😭)


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For stuff that I consider to be particularly sensitive U encrypt an external document. I use AxCrypt but others use the password protection in Word or similar.

For more general security Evernote has industry standard protocols for your data.

The most common report of security breaches for accounts bill down to use of the same password across multiple online services. 

If you want to secure your account then sign out before walking away from your computer.

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Ben Franklin had the general theme of this with "three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead..."

If your stuff is online then one person has to have access to it - obviously you.  Or anyone who can put up a convincing pretence that they're you...

So by definition your data is not 100% protected,  no matter how good the site security can be.  If you can get access,  then so could others - if they have a motive to do so.

(I have stuff that's not even on my hard drive - my famous Master Plans for World Domination forinstance;  plus stuff that,  per @agsteele is encrypted.  There's a ton of other general correspondence that is my projects / purchases / reminders trailing out there in the breeze)

Evernote is (I saw somewhere) has the largest store of personal information on the planet - so if your personal data stands out amongst the other 200M+ people on there you could be,  quite comprehensively,  compromised by any leak.  On the other hand,  they'd have to find you - within millions of other accounts.

It's a matter of personal judgement.  Do you really need to keep your data online?  Could it be used against you in identity theft (or actual theft) in any way?  

I think you're pretty safe.  You have Evernote's 'invisible' servers and what appears to be a fairly comprehensive security net protecting your data. 

But if you can get to see it...

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