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Evernote mobile app / How to discard a new note

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Dear forum,

What happens sometimes to me is as follows: 

I want to create a note on the Evernote mobile app and for this I click on the button "create a note"

But then, ups, I realize I didnt want to create a note, but let's say I wanted to scan a document, so I want to go back in the menu to select "scan a document". 

But in the app there is no way to navigate back, so in this case, although the note is completely empty, I still need to "delete" this new note, in order to be able to navigate back to the screen and to then select eg a document scan.

But this is procedure is time consuming .. and not fast enough ... Therefore my question, is it not possible to navigate back without having to delete such empty note?

I hope my question is clear,

thank you


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  • Evernote Expert

I agree that, in general, it would be good if an empty note that had been started in error did not save but it does. So the only way of removing it is by the standard note deletion process for the app in question. 

On mobile the options are limited as you have discovered.

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@Paul_Evernote I might not be following here, but if you accidentally clicked to create a note instead of scan a document, can't you just click on the camera icon next to the blue plus button to scan a document in your empty note? Perhaps there is some usage here that I am missing.

13 hours ago, Paul_Evernote said:

But this is procedure is time consuming .. and not fast enough

In any case, I don't know about this. How often does this happen to you? I just tested it out and it took like 3 seconds to delete. If I accidentally created a note and now I must delete it and I have to do this 5 times a month that is only 15 seconds each month wasted to deleting an empty note...?

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