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Limits on sharing to Free account?

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Hi all...I have been using EN for over 10 years now, and recently helped my wife set up a Free account. The idea is that I am starting to scan documents and paperwork we want to keep into EN then I would share the folders with her account so she has access to them also...and can add to them. Is there any limit on the number of folders I can share with her free account? The first few folders I shared with her came across fine, but the last few have not shown up in her account. With the 50% off sale on Personal, I am hoping to get her up there, but have to show her that this has usefulness for her.



Eric Lorenz
EN Pro on v10.44.8_win
user since 2008

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AFAIK there is no limit on the number of shared notes or notebooks. 

There is a limit of 250 notebooks in total on Free accounts - I can’t say if this includes received shared notebooks. You could query support about it.

Anyhow, it sounds you tend to use a lot of notebooks - which is not necessarily the best way to organize information in EN. Unfortunately there are restrictions on using tags on shared notebooks, so hard to discuss options without having more information about the use cases.

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Number of shared notebooks shared with you is 100 on the free plan.

Number of people you can share a notebook with is 500 on the free plan.

Both are 500 on the paid plans.

I can't find any limits on individual notes though.

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Thanks for the help- I think I found the issue...user error- I was accidentally sharing individual notes, not notebooks.

Point well taken about the plans. We are basically scanning all household paperwork to keep in EN. It took a little convincing to get her to agree to use EN...With the 50% off sale, might bump her up to Personal at least for a year.

The issue is we both come from folder-oriented backgrounds, so switching over is slow. I am warming up to tags, she is brand new to EN. For now, it gives her a measure of comfort. We scan and group documents by category (Auto, Prescriptions, insurance, misc receipts etc.) then let search do the rest. But I just realized that I think Free level doesn't allow searching within PDF's...so that's something.

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Search in PDFs is in fact a subscriber feature - it was the main reason why my wife went Personal as well. Several hundred recipes, most of them as PDFs make it a good investment.

You can have one key ingredient left from last weeks purchase - and find in a blink all recipes where you could consume it.

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21 hours ago, EricLorenz said:

The issue is we both come from folder-oriented backgrounds, so switching over is slow. I am warming up to tags

Use what you're comfortable with. I only have 3 tags and I hardly use them. All folders.

I also make sure my notes have very descriptive titles so they are very easy to search in the future. Eg. Car Insurance docs 2022 and 2021 etc.  

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Descriptive titles is in fact what many users employ - me too, beside of using tags.

If you look at it more closely, it is tagging without tags. This means you can search, but not filter or use the tags dynamically , for example to select notes that need attention.

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21 hours ago, Jon/t said:

I also make sure my notes have very descriptive titles

My naming standard is yyyy-mm-dd type [details] keywords    
keywords are a copy of the assigned tags    
Example: 2022-09-10 Receipt [Lunch] aVendor-TimHortons cBudget-FoodDining $4.95

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47 minutes ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

Drifting a bit, perhaps, but I'm curious whether those who use note titles in this way (e.g. @Jon/t and @DTLow) find that Evernote's new function of automatically creating a title from the first line in the note is a help or a hindrance.

I've not really noticed it.

If I create a new note the first thing I do is write the title then add the content.

If it's a scan or auto added note then it goes into my !Inbox folder and I rename whatever EN has given it.

For me there's no change.

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