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Suggestion: photo thumbnails




I recently created a new text note and added four photos to it: one of my driver's license and three of my credit cards. When I was done I saw that there was a thumbnail of one of the photos in the listi view of all my notes.

I want to suggest a few idea for new options:

(a) to be able to select which photo is used for the thumbnail 

(b) have the option to NOT have any thumbnail show at all for a specific note. 

(c) have the option to not have ANY thumbnails appear at all for ALL notes.


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If you search the forum before posting (yes, this is a proposal), you would find old threads that are collecting votes on similar ideas. 

It is up to everybody’s phantasies why EN does not allow to pick the picture for the thumbnail creation. The process itself runs on the server - EN is traditionally reluctant to allow users to influence the backend.

The current workaround is to create a new note, and stick one picture into it. Then exit the note, and wait until it has synced to the server. The thumbnail will be created, sometime within minutes, sometimes it seems to take some hours. When a thumbnail has been added to the note, you can open it again and add more pictures. Usually the 1st thumbnail will stick, even when more pictures are added later. If you don’t want a thumbnail, just add a „non picture“, like a plain white area photographed.

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I have been using this workaround approach.

Unfortunately, in the latest version, thumbnails on old notes no longer stick to the first picture added. Evernote seems to have gone back to selecting the picture with the most pixels, except they appear to have changed the rules yet again. It seems to select the picture with most pixels horizontally rather than most pixels in either direction.

Evernote essentially seems to be telling users trying to make practical use of thumbnails to go find another software program

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