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Was there an update for Evernote Desktop LEGACY Sept 2022, please?

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I can't find one but Uchek (which looks for updates for programs on a PC)  reported one.

The new version reported was the same as I already have been using for a few months, so I doubt Uchek is correct.   

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No, there is no Legacy update and there will not be one. Legacy is left as it is and will gradually fade away. Ucheck is probably reporting v10 as an update.

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I am still hoping that the management will realise that the desktop stand alone Legacy product with a local and easily backed up database is the best in the market and keep it going.



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Well ... "the management" seldom looks in on this forum (if ever), and you would need to send them some feedback to make this request. You can always ask. If you have a paid subscription, go to https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. If not, go to the Web client, click on your account name, then click Share feedback in the drop-down dialog.

AFAIK, Evernote has not said that they will discontinue the Legacy version, nor that they will continue to let it interact with their server databases forever. We who still use it are kind of guessing; I liked it, but now that I've gotten used to v. 10 I actually like it much better, and plan to discontinue using v. 6 in the near future. It is possible to back up the local database from v. 10; there are threads in the forum discussing it, if that's what's holding you back.

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18 minutes ago, ha-kg said:

Quite simply, the statements and wishes of the users here in the forum do not interest the management.

That may be true but I'm not sure how that relates to the OP's question. Anyway, the Legacy software has been retained for those that want it.

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