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When will the Outlook calendar integration finally come to Evernote ?

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On 9/8/2022 at 8:12 AM, Fivegudi said:

Can someone please tell me when this update will come.

I searched in many forums about it and they said in Feb. 2021 it only takes a few more months.

Does anybody know when it will finally get released ?



I have a workaound, I have installed a small pogramme "4teamSync2 for Microsoft Outlook' which runs on my PC I have a Google Account so access to Google Calendar.  This programme Syncs my Outlook Calendar with my Google Callendar so changes I make on the PC Outlook or any changes made on my Google Calendar running on my Andoid Phone or my Android Tablet are seemlessly all synced.  Works fine giving me full access to my Calendar by linking my Google Calendar to EN.

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Is „not yet coded“ enough to promote your understanding ?

Or maybe „not yet tested, not yet documented, not yet released“. Baking software (especially functions between different software) is not that simple. I appreciate EN is taking their time to deliver a proofed, tested version when ready.

But where is the iCal integration, and why does it take so long for such a simple feature 🤪

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I would also like Evernote to Sync with Outlook Calendar.
Due to my workload getting bigger, with more projects to manage, I had to find a place where I could gather all my notes in one place.
For lack of a better app I chose Evernote (couldn't get my head around programming Notion) only to discover that it didn't sync with my main calendar from Outlook.
So for better and worse I now use Google Calendar and hate every minute of it.
So evernote, if you are reading these messages: if Outlook Calendar sync with Evernote is not up and running this year. I don't care what kind of compromise I have to make.
I'll switch to an app that can sync with outlook.

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Glad to find this thread.

I need Evernote to connect with Outlook.  The inability to connect to Outlook Tasks and calendar limits the ability to be productive.  

I hope we can have an update on a timeframe for the connection.

Thank you

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  • Evernote Expert

There is no short term plan or possibly any plan to connect Outlook Tasks.

Work on the Outlook Calendar integration is, I believe, underway and I heard rumours of 4th quarter 2022. But you should never listen to rumours and nobody with any real knowledge will confirm until it is about to be released.

Remember, too, that the calendar integrations are one-way. Evernote is able to read and display the calendar but you cannot send anything from Evernote to the calendar.

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