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Evernote to one note import

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I see from the Google search that there should be a Microsoft one note import tool to import exported Evernote notebooks into one note.


I am on a Monterey Mac intel edition, but when I navigate to the page for one note importer tool there is no link for download.


any idea if the tool is not supported on Monterey?

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A quick internet search for "OneNote Import Evernote" gets around 150,000 hits,  so you should be able to find something - but be warned that the layout of notes in both apps is considerably different;  you'll likely have a lot of manual editing to do...

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Many import tools are specific to the OS, and (no surprise) most of them will only work on Windows.

EN offers 3 general export formats: ENEX, HTML and PDF. I would give each option a try, with a few notes, to find out what works.

Keep in mind that the general data structure of ON and EN is not exactly compatible. Even the best ON importer will not be able to avoid conversion losses.

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According to one video I watched recently,  OneNote has (or had) multiple versions active,  which are being brought together with a new (?) update based on OneNote 2016.  Some significant feature differences,  and a sync / speed issue need to be resolved.  All of which serves to emphasise that import/ export between different note platforms might not be as easy as you might think it should be...


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