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More checklist options



Some ideas for the great checklists I'm already using to plan and order all of my work!

1. A right-click option on the checkbox that would let me choose "mark as done, without strikethrough on the text".
    For daily action-item lists, strikethrough is great. It says, done, dusted, and off my list.
    But I also use checklists for process actions.
    When there are multiple steps in a process, checklists distinguish between action items and subbordinate 
         information (plain bullets). They also let me keep track of what's been done and what remains to be done.
     In those lists, strikethrough should be reserved for things to remove from the list at next edit. (It may be worth
         keeping the original note around for a while, to be sure it should be deleted, but the plan is to remove it.)
     On the other hand, things that are done but remain valid parts of the process should be checked off, but remain
         in their original font, so they can be unchecked the next time the process is executed.

2. Outline-oriented done/undone.
     In keeping with the above, "no strikethrough checkoff", it would be nice to checkoff all sublist items when an
     an item is marked done. Similarly, when an item in a fully-checked off list is unchecked, the parent item should
     be unchecked, as well. So if A, A.1, and A.2 are all marked done, unchecking A.2 should also uncheck parent
     item A.

3. Heading-level outline capabilities.
    I pioneered outlining software way back in the day, so I've thought a lot about it. I love the fact that I can
    that I can grab an entire segment with a click, and then promote/demote or drag it. I also love that heading
    styles can be applied to list items. (Way cool. Never had that in my day!) The next step: Allow outline
    operations on headings.

4. Heading-outline display.
    An option to display headings in an outline pane, and rearrange them there. (I use that capability in Word all the time.)

5. Option to require Ctrl key to visit a link.
    I keep lists of items to purchase, with additional information about them. Each is generally a link.
    When the cursor is anywhere near that link, a popup appears, generally right where I was planning to click
     to perform an edit. I often wind up clicking links inadvertently, which is annoying. The other option is to
     carefully sneak the cursor into the location I want to click, or click elsewhere and keystroke in. Either way,
     it's a bit of extra work simply to undertake an edit in those lists.

S'all for now!

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20 minutes ago, eric_treelight said:

Some ideas for the great checklists I'm already using to plan and order all of my work!

Did yo mean to post this in the forum for legacy version? Some of the content seems very specific to V10, and I'm sure you realise that EN are not going to be doing any work on the legacy version.

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