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Lock a Note



Please consider a feature to "lock/write-protect/read-only" an Evernote "note".

Sometimes I accidentally start writing in the wrong note (yes, I know about UNDO). 

Typically this happens with my "THINGS TO DO THE WEEK of MM/DD/YYYY" entry, but sometimes it's a flakey keyboard (or operator;-) that makes changes and I don't discover it until later.

Thanks for listening.

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What experience tells from all that messaging boxes especially Microsoft seems to love: People click them anyhow. They do not provide any security. F they would, many hacking attacks would not happen. Most of them start with clicking away messaging boxes in Microsoft programs.

On EN mobile there is a switch that asks for a double click / tap to edit a note. 

In general there is a pretty old thread asking for a read only switch for notes. You can search it and add your vote there.

To reach EN use the feedback function or a support ticket.


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