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Scannable - When moving corner handles / cropping, the loupe is not displaying correctly

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The bottom 2/3 of the loupe is now always black, making alignment a total guessing game.

It's been happening / was introduced around the same time as the annoying issue of having to constantly sign in to your Evernote account.

Scannable is was the best quality scanner I have used. I recommended it to everyone.
Why has it gone by the wayside?


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I m not aware of any changes of the Scannable app - which in itself describes a major part of the problem. The latest update was to version 2.4 - 2 years ago ! In fact I regard Scannable as a pretty bad scanning app, compared to full scanning apps available for iOS. The only benefit is that it is free, and works nicely with an EN account.

If you have a problem, the first steps are always the same:

  1. Close the app, restart the device
  2. Log out of your account, close the app, restart the device
  3. Uninstall the app, restart the device 

In this case I would play a bit with iOS dark mode in addition.

Last resort is to contact support.

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Hi PinkElephant.

I confess to not knowing when these two issues arose, but to the best of my memory, they were around the same time.
Maybe that was 2 years ago!

I always found the scan to be awesome quality and fast.
It performed the best doing the cleanup / clarifying the scan.
And as you said, it also (obviously) integrates well with EN.
Maybe it’s time to look elsewhere - including EN.

I’ve tried all of your suggestions previously, except dark mode.
I’ll try that today.

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Actually the scanner build into the app does a decent job on the occasional document.

It saves as PNG, not as pdf which has its ups and downs. An "up" together with EN is that handwriting is only made searchable by EN when it is a picture, not in a pdf.

My scanner to go is ScannerPro by readdle. It is not free, but worth the money.

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