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Convert a task into a note

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Tasks all exist inside a note. So, of you start each tasks inside a note of its own then you can always add more details to the note as things develop.

There isn't any means of converting a task to a note other than cutting and pasting into a new note.

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Thanks AGsteele Just to clarify. I have a note with a number of individual tasks in it. What I want to do is convert one of those tasks into a separate note. Copying and pasting is an option but I wondered whether there is a shortcut to enable me to do this.

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No. THere is nothing. If you think that this is something you want to do regularly then better to place each task in its own note. If it is infrequent then cut/paste will be your option.

I suppose you could use a keystroke program such as AutoHotkey for Windows and write a short macro which would highlight the current task, cut it, create a new note and paste the task into the new note, convert the content back into a task manually choosing the due date if required.

You can always suggest this a development idea via the Feedback in the applications or a support ticket.

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