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Need REAL-TIME UNLOCKING OF SHARED NOTES when one user has closed out of the note



On my notes shared with other EN users, once they click into note which therefore locks the note, when they exit, it takes WAAAAY too long for EN to refresh and release the note for other shared user to go in an edit it. The note needs to released for editing in real time, to the second, without delay. This is such a productivity issue and totally efficient for there to be a delay in releasing the lock once the user has long closed out of the note. The note says "all changes saved" on the lower right corner (which clearly it is not). There isn't a manual sync button (if this will even help the issue). This occurs when we are on robust internet connection, over 300 Mbps upload & download, so I know that internet connection is not an issue. Please fix.

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Interesting observation - have you ever timed the delay, or is it more or less random ?

You could take a look through the web client onto the server status: Does the unlock take long to reach the server, or does it take long to reach the clients from the server ? The moment the unlock is visible in the web client, it has been passed from the editing client to the server.

Anyhow: The forum is user2user.

If you want to reach EN, use the feedback function or issue a support ticket.

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