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Tell me it’s not saved…

Randy Zeitman


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Syncing to a server is not saving to a server.

The difference in approach is fundamental, and „not saving“ is not an option when synchronization is happening. If you use other services that do a sync, you can see where the difference lies, and that it is plain possible to do it fast and reliably. I take iCloud sync as an example - it just works.

I don’t want to care about differences between devices. I want to add that for me even while using EN on quite a number of devices, syncing conflicts are a rare issue.

EN needs to sort out this sync failures, period. That is what we users can expect. I hope that the general redesign of syncing announced in the blog post will finally do the job.

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On 9/4/2022 at 4:44 AM, Randy Zeitman said:

Tell me it’s not saved…Instead of ‘a conflict has occurred…a duplicate has been created….  “

I dunno, I think the way it works now with a duplicate being created is better than losing work that you might not remember what it was that was not saved.

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