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Pro-rated price mistake when upgrading from Plus to Personal



Hi! Looking for input to see if it's just me, and maybe this will be useful for the EN team to avoid the same thing with other users.

After a few years of offers, I finally clicked on a link to upgrade from my Plus Subscription to a Personal with a 50% discount.

For my area, it's supposed to be 2.50€ per month for the first year (if billed annually), and then 59.99€ for the subsequent year.

But the "discount" transaction (pro-rated price) it's offering me right now for the first year is... over 200€? Must be a bug to do with upgrading from Plus, right?



Anyone see anything similar? Didn't find anything searching the forums right now.

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Thanks for the input! 

Since I saw this in advance, I did not knowingly make the error of purchasing the upgrade. This is for information and discussion purposes. I remember the situation being the same around 6 months ago, so I thought I'd let the community and EN know since it hadn't been fixed.

I've filed a support request, as well. I don't have access to more detailed support through my app (Plus account). 

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Update for anyone in the same situation: it's very likely my issue was caused by the fact that I started my subscription while living in an area with a different currency from my current area. The code on the campaign landing page was having trouble handling both currencies (SEK and EUR) at the same time to compile my offer - hence the bloated figures on the "pro-rated" price. 

EN support were really quick to help - they made an exception and allowed me to cancel my current subscription back to Free with a refund. Then it was just a matter of resubscribing on the tier I wanted in the currency I wanted.

So basically watch out for geographical or VPN factors leading to currency conflicts. 😊

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