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FYI, promotional offers are for one year. Find info here since EN doesn't come out and say it on the offer page.

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This is really frustrating. I am looking at an offer page for 25% Off and it really makes it look like you get the discount forever but if you read the fine print and do some math you realize it is only for one year.


  1. Don't be so shady. Your company is already having trust issues with lifelong customers.
  2. If you are doing an offer make the timeframe of the offer very clear ON THE OFFER PAGE. 
  3. Just put some simple text on the offer page. See screenshot with added text.
    • I am so frustrated because this should be so easy and obvious to do. Because you didn't do it, it becomes clear you are purposefully burying the information.
  4. Link to the support article which apparently exists but was not linked to from anywhere on the offer page.
    1. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/8335115170323
  5. Just a bit of the information that is contained in that article to the offer page.
    1. Evernote.thumb.png.27e8229e435bd1bf6001d10f45604f03.png



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I agree with @bmcl26 - In the same vain as TANSTAAFL,  there's (also) no such thing as a permanent discount.  The dictionary definition of the word is even "a deduction from the usual cost of something"  (my italics).  Sorry if you expected more,  but I'm sure Evernote is well within all current regulations governing the promotion of special offers and advertising generally...

-And given that even subscribers who thought otherwise have 364 days to realise the truth and can change their subscription level in a few seconds online,  I don't think there's much to worry about here.  Even if you realise a mistake a few days after the second full payment,  you'd still have the option of contacting Support to discuss the situation and a possible refund.  

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