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Personal Account Price - Huge Increase Over Last Year?

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I've just been billed for the next 12 months. I have been an Evernote subscriber for many years. Last year it looks like I paid £32.99 for 12 months Personal Account, this year I have been billed £54.99, a huge increase. Does this look right ? Can anyone explain what I have missed?




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It will have some link to what level you were previously on and whether you opted for an upgrade to the current Personal plan.

In the past you might have been on Plus or Premium as a subscriber. Also, there were two rates for Premium - grand-fathered in price or the standard price.

If you were on either the Plus or grand-fathered Premium then you would have had the opportunity to continue at that rate or move up to Personal. If you were on the standard Premium product then your were upgraded to Personal and you should continue at the price you were previously paying.

If you accepted an upgrade to try out the full Personal plan then you will now be paying the standard Personal price which is £71.88 per year.  You are being invoiced less than that so clearly on some grand-fathered rate. You are not being charged the current full price for Personal.

It might be that you received a discount for the previous year and have now lost that deal.

If you want to know then you can look in your account settings and review the last couple of year's bills. I had a welcome discount in 2020 but it was a one off.

If you want a definitive answer you should contact Accounts/Billing via a support ticket.

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Thanks for this. TBH I'm not sure I'm any clearer!
From my previous billing it looks like I was a Premium user paying £4 per month.

Last August my Invoice shows £54.99 but with a Discount of £22.00. Any idea which of the options you detail above that would apply to me and why did I get a discount last year but not this?


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Hi.  This is a (mainly) user-supported Forum and we don't have access to any account details.  To get the full story on your subscription I'd suggest you contact Support and exercise some of the benefits of your payment to ask why it's so high.  The CS team are the ones who can correct any issues and -maybe- find some leeway if the rise has been a little steep...  (no promises though!)  You can at least check whether there are any alternatives available.  ;)

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The price of a not rebated Premium is exactly the same as the price of a not rebated Personal subscription.

Who was on a permanently rebate Premium could decide to continue for the lower price, or upgrade to Personal. When staying on the grandfathered rebated plan, new features only become available in the same range as for a Free account. Upgraded subscriptions get all new features that apply for the plan.

Current rebates are only valid for 1 year - the plan continues after the initial year for the standard price, or you need to drop the subscription.

No price hikes at all - but the days of the free lunch every day are over.

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2 hours ago, kjm4321 said:

Last August my Invoice shows £54.99 but with a Discount of £22.00. Any idea which of the options you detail above that would apply to me and why did I get a discount last year but not this?

I, too, got a £22 discount in 2021. I don't remember what it related to but I do remember that it was for 12 months. So the real question is 'What did you pay in 2020?' That is likely to be what you have returned to this year. Last year you got a huge decrease but I suppose that wasn't such a concern ;)

£54.99 is still below the standard rate for Personal so if, for example, you cancelled your current plan and then later decided to pay after all then you would return at the higher price for new customers.

I was recently offered a free upgrade to Professional but declined since I knew that once the offer expired I'd be on the higher price and unable to return to my current deal :(

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