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Keyboard shortcut for setting formatting to "normal text"



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2 hours ago, gmf55aol said:

Need a shortcut for changing an item to apply normal text.

I agree. If you apply a header style to some text and then want it back as normal text it is not easy to do without using the drop down.

As a work around you can

  • select the text
  • copy to the clipboard.
  • Don't unselect the text
  • paste and match style (ctrl+shift+V on windows)
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1 hour ago, agsteele said:

I am reading this as needing to unformat existing text in a note. In which case, highlight the text and (in Windows) Ctrl+Shift+Space

Good point. It depends on what the OP actually meant. If he had a heading (large, medium or small)  and wanted to change it to "normal text" then your method doesn't work but if it's just random formatted text then obviously it does. Personally I would expect typing #### in front of a heading would convert it to normal text so that it is consistent with converting to headings.

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