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(Archived) How do you see a Notebook's size?

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I'm not really sure what the purpose would be for desktop clients, other than just an FYI thing. When you're wanting an offline notebook on your phone & have to consider space limitations of your phone, that's a different story. Which is why I suspect that was added. I would guess this would be pretty low on the priority scale for desktop clients, though.

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I'm not really sure what the purpose would be for desktop clients

the desktop clients sync with the mobile clients so knowing how large a note is can help in me deciding whether to put it in a synced notebook or an offline notebook.

useless when you have pages of notes of various sizes in one notebook as i would guess many users have.

I don't know where you're going with this. IF, you want to know the size of a note, in order to know which notebook to put it in for iPhone (which I admit, I don't get, since note size has nothing to do with what notebook I put a note in), the desktop clients do this. If you want the size of a NOTEBOOK, that's a different deal & as I said, you can find it on the iPhone & I don't know what purpose it would serve on a desktop client. It's helpful on an iDevice, to know the notebook size, in case you may be running low on storage space. That's rarely a consideration on a desktop client.

Perhaps if you cited a use case, it would be more helpful.

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