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Can't Install EN 10+ on New Chromebook Due to a Legacy Android Version

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Hello EN addicts,
I'm a dozen or so years fan of EN, I presently use it on a Windows 10 laptop, an iPad and a MotoG Android phone.
I do a little voluntary support of elderly folk as a 'tech buddy', and decided to plunge into getting a Chromebook, as I imagine they might be a good fit value-wise for people who have no affinity to Windows / Apple. As a complete newbie, I've just bought a Lenovo Ideapad Duet Chromebook 10.1 (August 2022).  I've installed EN from the Play Store onto my Chromebook, but it's showing as version v8.13.3, dated June 3rd 2020.
I've learned from an EN support call that my Chromebook needs to be Android v11, for EN10+ to work. Despite my ChromeOS being up to date at v104.0.5112.105, digging under the covers shows that Android is v9 (security patched to August 5, 2022).
I'm feeling a little deflated with my Chromebook experience, where the device that I've just bought is seemingly two years out of date already. Since I'm unable to install a current version of EN, support advised that I might be better off using Evernote for Web - my EN 8.13.3 doesn't even show tasks.
I'm taking a long shot that someone could signpost me to engaging with a suitable Chromebook forum - my hope is that I can somehow get Android updated to v11. I'm keen to become familiar with a Chromebook, and would dearly like to get over this EN hurdle.
Kind regards, David
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For info on updating the Chromebook you will, as you surmised, have to go elsewhere.

Meanwhile you could try the web browser version of Evernote which will likely work PROVIDED you set the Evernote site to view as a desktop site.

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Great work you're doing, David! I know nothing about Chromebooks, but doing a bit of online search it seems that there are models available that have or can be updated to Android 11. Don't know if yours is one of them. This is really on Google (I always blame Google) for putting out an OS that is out of date and can't necessarily be updated to current Android.

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You are probably searching but my favourite search engine took me to this page which includes the Lenovo Ideapad Duet as being eligible for upgrade to Android 11. Not sure if this works for you but there are instructions...


Personally, I wouldn't follow the Beta channel option suggested. Once you are Beta, switching back to release channel erases your data :(

Perhaps Lenovo is the place to enquire for a release schedule.

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Thanks for the beebom link - it seems very promising. I'm also grateful for the suggestion to switch back from Beta - I'll do it straightaway, before I customise or configure my Chromebook much further.
Thanks Dave Decatur - here's a link to some of my volunteer efforts https://www.ineededtobeneeded.com/work/passwords/ Out of curiosity I did a search on my web site for "Evernote", and there were three records in my diaries!
TTFN, Dave

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