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Credit where credit is due

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After 43 minor upgraded in Version 10, I came  back to EN10 from Legacy.  However, there is still many minor UX not good as Legacy.

And feel that EN no longer a note-taking apps,  but become a PIM. It is not good for me.  

EN was a very good note-taking, and the best is, it was a "blank paper".  It can be any note book for different purposes. EN specialized is "non-specialized". It saving any things when I seeing website or documents from computers or phone very easy.  Collect everything just simply click for later use. It is the concept of "Second Brain" they claimed.  But after EN10, it become a normal Task, todo, etc. No more improve on note taking, annotating or strengthen the function of "Second Brain". 

Very simple function still missing, e.g. image location in text. Directly open and link to a new note.  Better image annotation, stamps, etc.....

It what I am feeling now. No more special comparing to others. 

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I'm still a bit confused. If you ignore the Home screen, Evernote opens laid out almost exactly as it always has. You start a new note clicking on the New button - a double click goes straight to a new blank note. 

But there are plenty of alternatives. Perhaps these will be better for you.

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The post by @romelden is in my opinion not logical: It tells that legacy would be so great because it would be so flexible. 

Then follows a rant about some new features introduced with v10, and then - complete contradiction - a short list of very specific features, of no general use.

The whole post IMHO misses 2 aspects:

Features you don’t want - don’t use

It is an extremely important general feature of v10 that - finally - the UI and most features are now unified over all clients, independent from the platform.

Legacy compared to this was a total mess. Instead of knowing one app, you needed to know to the last detail in which client you were at that moment, and which abilities he had, and which were missing. A science in itself - „easy note taking“ only if you never switched OS and devices.

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@romelden, if I'm understanding you correctly, you're saying that Evernote has prioritized tasks and todos over some basic functions in creating and editing notes, especially involving images. And I think you are correct in that. Ironically, there are also people who complain on the forums that Evernote is not yet adequate as a task/todo app! But certainly there are also others who complain about the inability to place images within a line of text, or simply to place them wherever one wishes in a note without resorting to a table. That is a shortcoming at this point.

Hopefully now that task functions are well launched, Evernote will come back around to note-content related functions--and to syncing, which they have said they are working intently to improve. I mostly just take notes; I don't do much with images. And for note-taking, I find v. 10 a definite improvement, with regard to formatting and highlighting of text, use of headers, etc.; and also for its UI compatibility across platforms.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "Directly open and link to a new note."

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