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Default view of Google Calendar widget is blank + Unknown Evernnote widget/add-on in Google + Automatic reconnection of Google after signout

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Batched these questions together because they arose as I sought to resolve the first one, and so in that sense they are related.

First issue:

I have connected my Evernote account to a Google account.  The widget is blank.  The only way I can see the Google calendar (and I can just fine) is clicking the "CALENDAR>" on the top left of the widget, at which point I get a pop-out of the correct calendar.  Is this expected behavior?  I don't know why I'd only want to see an integrated calendar as a pop-out view rather than as or integrated into the default widget view.

Second issue:

Possibly related (or not), when I am on my Google Calendar (web app, it its own browser window), there is an Evernote icon to the right of the calendar, below the Google-branded apps.  I am thinking this must be left over from some long-ago integration (or is it related to Google Mail?), because all it does when I click it is tell me to first select an email, though, again, I am in the Calendar app, not the Mail app).  Clicked the three dots on the top right and got options to refresh, reset settings, or manage add-ons.  The last seemed the most likely to let me delete this thing, but clicking it created a pop-up dialog for Google Workspace Admin, which told me I do not have any add-ons; a search for Evernote in that list also turned up nothing.  I've searched both Evernote and Google for where I have this connection and what this is. 

Third Issue:

Trying to resolve the above, I disconnected Evernote (in Evernote/Profile) from Google, and nothing changed.  I then logged out of Evernote.  When I logged back in, I was reconnected to Google without requesting that.  Is that expected behavior?  I do use this particular gmail account as my Evernote account email, but as there is an option to disconnect, I am unsure why it would automatically reconnect after a disconnect and logout, then re-log-in.

Thanks for any help.  

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  • Evernote Expert

Your second point. The Gmail add-on displays across the Google space. It is a Gmail add-on and offers nothing in Google Calendar.

I would have gone down the route you describe in point 3. Certainly what you describe in point 1 isn't intended. That you cannot disconnect your Google account isn't correct.

I think I'd leave Google disconnected and rebuild your Evernote data. I'm assuming you are using the desktop application.

File / Sign out / Remove your data

Then log back in and the data will be rebuilt. This will take a short while. Then reconnect Google in your account settings.


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