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How to hide private notes when at the office

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I just started a new subscription of Evernotes Personal and I am still in the process of defining the right process for how to use Evernote according to my needs. 

My challenge is as follows: I plan to use Evernote for private  and also business related matters. 
But when opening my Evernotes account on my company PC (eg to look at the new article that I drafted), I would not want that my colleagues in the office could see my private notes.
So I wonder how I can separate between private + business related matters?

I was thinking: If I create a 2nd Evernote account (a free version) and share the business related folders with that fee account, then when at the office on my company PC, I would log into this free accound and look at the shared folder (which would only contain the new article that I wrote).

Is that the right approach, or would Evernote of the community suggest a better solution/setup? 

Thank you so much! with best regards



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Hi.  If you use Evernote for private and for business notes,  I'd suggest you keep your subscription account for your private notes and create a new free account for business.  Share notebooks between the two as you need to,  but be aware that anything you save on a business computer is no longer private.

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If you have the time and energy you could advocate for the company to adopt Evernote Teams. All colleagues would receive a Personal account for their private use whilst Teams comes with the added benefits for organisations and team working.

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The use of a second account is a good solution for your problem.

Don’t share individual notes between accounts. Set up a „business“ notebook in one of the accounts. Share it to the other account. Everything you drop into that notebook shows up in the other account - it works both ways.

Allow everybody to be able to edit notes in the share. Keep in mind that some activities are only or better possible for the owner of the notebook. Tagging is an example.

If you want to be able to keep it apart: Make it 2 notebooks: A „Business Inbox“ from personal to free, a „Business Outbox“ for free to personal.

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Only tags already applied from the sharing side will be available.

A simple trick is to drop a tagging note into the shared notebook, and apply all tags on that note first. Make them special, like starting each tag with an „s_“ followed by the real tag.

This allows to identify them.

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