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Indiana Jones and the Evernote Forums

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Have you ever found that one thing seems to take so much longer than it should?  Every time I want to get to the Forums, it seems to take forever.  Evernote calls it a forum, others call them communities, others call them  Q&As.  That's fine.

My menus gave me the option of Help & Learning.  I dug about there.  I went to Account Settings.  I went to the Main Evernote site.   I checked the links at the bottom of each page.  Then I realized the Evernote Forums were not listed in all the places I looked.

These forums are a great way to build community, support users,. identify problems, and fix things at a minimal cost to Evernote.  It makes sense for Evernote to want anyone with a question to first look at training, then some FAQs or Q&A, then be able to scan similar questions, and then to post their own.  Contact Support (the most expensive option) I understand would not appear right away.

But these Forums should be in more menus. Otherwise people just flounder around looking for them.  And that will give anyone a haddock.  ;)

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