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Android app doesn't want to sync!



I have these issues quite often, but today it looks there might be some outage?! Usually I edit a note on the phone and in recent weeks I noticed when tapping the green check to save it that it takes long time for it to change to an arrow. Today again but when I got to my PC and it still doesn't want to sync! On the app homepage I don't see any indication about this situation on the homepage unless I open the notebook! (this is a MAJOR missing feature BTW!) Then I see there is still a green triangle with arrows on that particular note and dragging down from the top of the screen doesn't make it sync! On Evernote web I see that indeed it didn't sync. And what is even worse is that few lines of text which I wrote in that note on my phone actually disappeared entirely sometime after I first tapped the green check to save my edits. Still there is some more text on the phone version which is not synced although incomplete. What a mess! I tried switching from wifi to data and restarting the app but nothing.

Now after completing this post it suddenly synced! So now I just typed a few more words on my phone in that note, green check turned to arrow quite quickly but now I am in the same situation that note doesn't want to sync. I would happily go to my PC thinking it's there and create a conflict...it took about a minute to sync. Maybe it's just today, or my notebook is just too big (several thousand notes) that this happens to me.

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There have been a lot of reports about the Android app being very slow to sync. Below is one sample thread, but by searching the forums you can find many more. It's clearly a problem. Some have found that by clearing the cache and signing out of the app, then signing back in they can get it to sync better for awhile.


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@PinkElephantwell as you can see too, there is nothing reported for today, so either there was a problem but not big enough to be reported or the issue is just somewhere in the code or overall design of the product. About the network issues you mention - one would think that sending mere BYTES of text shouldn't be a problem on any network :D If I was syncing notes with videos then it would be relevant to consider possible network issues, but with text I don't think so...

just out of curiosity - where are Evernote servers located and how many of them there is? I am in Europe Czech republic and my ping to www.evernote.com is 12ms.

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